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Tap into the steamier side of the tarot. In this candlelit reading, we will cover all of the hottest topics, from love and sex, to kinks and desires, to magic and spirituality.

Come to the dark side with us.

Tarot After Dark

About Tarot After Dark with Athena

Tarot After Dark beckons you to tap into the magic that stirs within. As the sun sets and the world is cloaked in shadows, mystique and sensuality intertwine in an enchanting candlelit reading experience. Delve into the depths of your desires, as we explore the steamiest topics from love and passion to esoteric mysteries. Unveil hidden truths, ignite your inner fire, and embrace the enchantment that the tarot holds. In this safe and inviting space, let Athena guide you on a journey that will leave you mesmerized and empowered. Are you ready to embrace the magic of Tarot After Dark?

Fridays and Saturdays Only: 7pm-10pm

30 minutes - $60


Heidi J.

“Athena has a pure heart and is a true professional. Her place is peaceful and calming. Her readings are heart felt and sincere. She really takes time explaining the meaning behind the cards. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in a reading to visit her, you won't be disappointed."
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