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Abbey is a talented oracle and tarot card reader, intuitive empath, and energetic field reader.

Abbey is a psychic empath and card reader. She invites your guides to use her and her cards as a vessel to receive messages from spirit. Abbey is talented in oracle, tarot, ceromancy, and intuitive connection. She uses her empathic abilities to interpret the cards in a way that is relevant and understandable to the querent.

Abbey is also known for her abilities as an energetic shield and energy field reader. She is able to sit across from strangers and feel who they are at their core, and use that information to help get deeper and more meaningful readings out of her cards.

Oracle & Tarot Card Readings

About Oracle and Tarot Card Readings

Tarot and Oracle readings are perfect for anyone who has questions about their past, present or future. Card readers are able to interpret these different cards and use them as a way to receive information from the spirit world. Tarot and oracle card readings are very similar, with the only difference being which cards are read. Oracle cards tend to provide a board overview of what the querent is seeking, and tarot cards can get into specific details about their path.


15 minutes - $25.

30 minutes - $50.

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