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Services Offered

Virgo Room provides many different reading atmospheres to fit all of your spiritual needs. You can choose from an intimate and private one-on-one reading, virtual reading, group readings with family and friends, and Psychic parties for large groups and special events.


"Everything I heard was totally spot on! I’ve been to others but nobody was ever this exact with details."

- Kim from Goodrich, Michigan

"Alicia is amazing! She is the real deal! I highly recommend her!"

- Senta from Saginaw, Michigan

Our Readers
Alicia Schneider

Founder, Psychic Medium

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Abbey Floria

Tarot/Oracle Card Reader

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Psychic Readings (In-person or Virtual)

Intuitive Mediumship Reading

*In-Person Only*

If you’ve heard anything about Alicia, you’ve probably heard about her mediumship abilities. This is the OG Virgo Room experience. In a mediumship reading, Alicia is able to connect to your loved ones who have passed, your spirit team, and your higher self. As a channel for the other side, she is able to provide healing, hope, and happiness for anyone who is dealing with loss or grief. Alicia uses mediumship in all of the readings she offers, and this reading is specifically for people who are hurting and need closure or comforting messages from the spirit world. 

30 minutes - $150

60 minutes - $250

Divine Feminine Reading

Sit down in a comfortable, restorative environment and tap into your divine feminine. We will explore your spiritual journey and discover your intuitive strengths through mediumship, journeying, and deep meditation. During this session, we will get to know your spirit team, your guides, and your higher self. After this experience, you will feel more grounded in your spiritual path. You will be confident knowing what is holding you back and which roads to take moving forward. You will not leave this experience empty handed. You will be sent home with a gift and all the information needed to continue growing in your divine feminine magic.    


30 minutes - $150

60 minutes - $250


"Living in Your Best Timeline" Reading

Let’s tackle that existential crisis together, shall we? If you feel like you were meant for a more meaningful life experience, and you want to live the life you’re destined to live, this reading is for you. In this session, we will assess everything going on in your present life and use intuition to guide you to make the decisions and changes needed to discover the best version of this earthly existence. We will begin with a grounding meditation that connects you to your higher self and explore the inner-workings of your soul together. We will then be able evaluate what you need in order to maximize your human experience and wake up in your best timeline. 

30 minutes - $150

60 minutes - $250


“Who the Hell am I” Reading

Sometimes we all just need a quick kick in the ass to get us back on track. This reading is not for the faint of heart. In this blunt, honest, totally transparent session, we will connect to your energy and your spirit team to figure out exactly who the hell you are. We will cover the good, the bad, and the weird in this time together. We will explore everything from past lives to future goals, lower vibrations to your higher self, and everything in between. You will leave this reading with a better understanding of your own energy and how to use it to your advantage. *The information learned in this session can be difficult to digest if you aren’t ready, so we suggest only booking this session if you have ample time to decompress afterwards. 

30 minutes - $150

60 minutes - $250


Cord Cutting Ritual

*Virtual Only*

Intuitive and Empathic individuals have a hard time letting go of negative energy, and a cord cutting is a great way to get rid of these negative attachments. This is the perfect ritual if you need to disconnect from an old friend, a toxic relationship, a negative family member, or maybe even a situation that no longer serves your highest and best good. You do not have to carry the burden of this energy with you any longer. This is a quick and painless session that will leave you feeling lighter, happier, and free from the pain of the past. 

30 minutes - $75

Scheduling Readings

For in-person readings, we will meet at Virgo Room, located upstairs at The Vintage Farm House in Holly, Michigan.

For virtual readings, we will send you a Zoom link.


When you make your appointment, your first name is enough. Last name is not necessary! People often ask if I am going to Google them. It is a legitimate question. No, I have never - nor would I ever - do that. I work with integrity and honesty.


If you are feeling hesitant about me knowing your full name, don't send it. You can even email me from an email address that doesn't contain your name. I never want anyone to have a shred of doubt that their experience with me is anything other than the real deal! 

Oracle & Tarot Card Readings

About Oracle and Tarot Card Readings with Abbey

Tarot and Oracle readings are perfect for anyone who has questions about their past, present or future. Card readers are able to interpret these different cards and use them as a way to receive information from the spirit world. Tarot and oracle card readings are very similar, with the only difference being which cards are read. Oracle cards tend to provide a board overview of what the querent is seeking, and tarot cards can get into specific details about their path.


15 minutes - $25.

30 minutes - $50.

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