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Alicia offers personalized experiences for every step along your spiritual journey.

She uses her abilities to help people reconnect with loved ones who have passed, solve problems that hold them back, seek truth, and find the closure needed so that they can feel confident taking a step forward on life’s journey. Alicia takes the mysterious and presents it as a relatable, down-to-earth, natural conversation. “My favorite part about speaking to Spirit is being able to find the validation and guidance that my clients are searching for.” 

Appointments with Alicia book very quickly and often sell out months in advance. If you don't see any available appointments, add your contact information to our Cancellation List.

Thank you for your patience!

Psychic Readings (In-person or Virtual)

Spiritual Empowerment Training

It’s time. You’re here because you are being called to discover just how magical you are. Everyone has the ability to connect to spirit in their own unique way. How can you tap into your spiritual gifts to make your world a better place? In this session, Alicia will evaluate the power that resides within you and teach you how to grow and use those abilities. By connecting with your guides, your higher self, and loved ones on the other side, we will be able to find out exactly which gifts you have and then we will work together to make them stronger and more refined. You will leave this session with a better understanding of how your energy can be used to improve your life and the lives of others. What is your spiritual path? Let’s pave the way together.   


30 minutes - $150

60 minutes - $250


"Living in Your Best Timeline" Reading

Let’s tackle that existential crisis together, shall we? If you feel like you were meant for a more meaningful life experience, this reading will help you find out how to make that a reality. In this session, we will assess everything going on in your present life and use intuition to guide you to the best version of this earthly existence. We will explore everything from past lives to future goals, lower vibrations to your higher self, and everything in between. We will begin with a grounding meditation that connects you to your higher self, then explore the inner-workings of your soul together. You will leave this reading with a better understanding of who the hell you are and how to maximize your human experience and live in your best timeline.

30 minutes - $150

60 minutes - $250


Intuitive Mediumship Reading

*In-Person Only*

If you’ve heard anything about Alicia, you’ve probably heard about her mediumship abilities. This is the OG Virgo Room experience. In a mediumship reading, Alicia is able to connect to your loved ones who have passed, your spirit team, and your higher self. As a channel for the other side, she is able to provide healing, hope, and happiness for anyone who is dealing with loss or grief. Alicia uses mediumship in all of the readings she offers, and this reading is specifically for people who are hurting and need closure or comforting messages from the spirit world. 

30 minutes - $150

60 minutes - $250

Cord Cutting Ritual

*Virtual Only*

Intuitive and Empathic individuals have a hard time letting go of negative energy, and a cord cutting is a great way to get rid of these negative attachments. This is the perfect ritual if you need to disconnect from an old friend, a toxic relationship, a negative family member, or maybe even a situation that no longer serves your highest and best good. You do not have to carry the burden of this energy with you any longer. This is a quick and painless session that will leave you feeling lighter, happier, and free from the pain of the past. 

30 minutes - $75

Scheduling Readings

For in-person readings, we will meet at Virgo Room, located in Fenton, Michigan.

For virtual readings, we will send you a Zoom link.

You will receive an email with further instructions 24-hours before your scheduled appointment.


When you make your appointment, your first name is enough. Last name is not necessary! People often ask if I am going to Google them. It is a legitimate question. No, I have never - nor would I ever - do that. I work with integrity and honesty.


If you are feeling hesitant about me knowing your full name, don't send it. You can even email me from an email address that doesn't contain your name. I never want anyone to have a shred of doubt that their experience with me is anything other than the real deal! 


Lisa N.

“Alicia is incredible! I’ve had readings with many other mediums over the years and I have never experienced anything like this one. My head is still spinning from the details and energy and compassion I felt with her. Life changing, without a doubt."
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