Alicia is a gifted psychic medium, clairvoyant, spiritual life coach, and empath.

She uses her abilities to help people reconnect with loved ones who have passed, solve problems that hold them back, seek truth, and find the closure needed so that they can feel confident taking a step forward on life’s journey. Alicia takes the mysterious and presents it as a relatable, down-to-earth, natural conversation. “My favorite part about speaking to Spirit is being able to find the validation and guidance that my clients are searching for.” 

When it comes to her reading style, Alicia understands that everyone is looking for something different.

“Some people want to speak to relatives or spirit guides on the other side, some are looking for guidance or spiritual advice, some people love Tarot, no two readings are the same. Whenever I get a chance to connect with someone, it’s my goal to give a valuable, accurate reading that can provide healing, hope, and happiness.”

Alicia is non-judgmental, caring, and embraces many points of view.

Growing up in a traditional Christian household has helped Alicia understand how spirituality can speak to every belief system. “I believe that my abilities are gifts from God, and I use them to bring unconditional love and light to my clients during my readings, along with all of the messages that await them on the other side.”

From a young age, Alicia quickly realized that she was experiencing phenomena that none of her friends seemed to understand. “It’s lonely, being different, but I was able to harness that to grow my gifts and make a difference in people’s lives.”

“It’s my goal to give a valuable, accurate reading that can provide healing, hope, and happiness.”

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DISCLAIMER:   The readings that I provide are for guidance only. What you decide to do, including any actions you take, with the information that I give you, is based on your own personal responsibility and choice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. For legal reasons, we must advise you that the readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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