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Pam is a master astrologer with over 30 years of experience specializing in Solar Returns.

Hello! I am very excited to be joining the team at Virgo Room. 

I am a WOW (Wonderful Older Woman)! I started studying astrology some thirty years ago when I had a life crisis and got divorced. Getting divorced was the beginning of my self-discovery journey. I found astrology helped me better understand myself and others. I have taken several courses in Astrology and hold various certificates in Astrology, ESP Development, Chakra Meditation, Reiki 1st Degree and Hospice Care. I have practiced Astrology now for over 30 years and I am always learning. I specifically focus on Solar Returns, because they represent the energy around you at your birthday. This energy can inspire you to use your personal power to have a great year and life.

Astrological Solar Return Readings

About Astrological Solar Returns

Each year on your birthday, the universe gifts you with a special energy known as your astrological solar return. It happens when the Sun returns to the same spot it was when you were born.


Your astrological Solar Return horoscope is a unique wheel-shaped chart, like a cosmic map, showing where each of the planets are on your birthday upon the yearly return of the Sun. The chart reveals what the upcoming year holds in store for you between your next two birthdays. It's somewhat like a companion to your astrological birth chart (natal chart), providing a snapshot of the year ahead based on planetary alignments. This chart becomes your blueprint for the year, offering insight into areas of potential change in your life. This moment is unique, and it releases a special energy that can help you understand which areas of your life might undergo transformation. With this insight, you'll be better equipped to identify areas needing closer attention in the coming year, such as your love life, career, family dynamics, relocation plans, home renovations, legal matters, health concerns, and general information

Booking with Pam:

Upon booking this reading, you will receive an email asking for the following information. It is INCREDIBLY important to reply to this email within 24 hours of receiving it. Without this information, Pam is unable to create the chart needed for this reading. If you do not respond, your appointment may be cancelled.


 Required Data to Calculate an Astrological Solar Return:

  • Date of Birth (Month, Day, Year)

  • Location of Birth (Country, State, City)

  • Time of Birth (note: this is critical and the more accurate the time is the more accurate your chart will be)

    • Source for location of birth, time of birth (birth certificate, baptism record, family knowledge, etc.)

  • Location of where you will be celebrating your upcoming birthday (Country, State, City)

  • Areas of Interest

    • You will be asked which areas you would like to focus on during this reading

      • Love life

      • Career

      • Family

      • Relocation

      • Home

      • Legal Matters

      • Health

      • General Information

Once Pam has all of your information, she will spend a few hours analyzing the planetary placements and conditions in your Solar Return. She will gather this information in advance and during your reading, Pam will tell you everything she sees in your chart for the upcoming year based on your area of focus. 

60 minutes - $200.


Joy L.

“I met with Abbey and what a fantastic experience! She was respectful of my time and made me feel comfortable and safe. I was amazed at the accuracy and knowledge she possessed. If you are having hesitation or doubt about meeting with her, you will NOT be disappointed."
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