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Athena can help you tune into your internal navigation system so you can move forward with confidence and purpose.

Athena Thomas is an Intuitive Spiritualist. She has been serving the public giving readings for 5 years, but she has perused her own studying of spirituality for over 15 years with diplomas in Tarot with specific study of Alchemy. Athena is gifted with clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. She uses cards in her readings as visual cues in communication with her guides and yours. With honesty and compassion, Athena can help you tune into your internal navigation system so you can move forward with confidence and clarity of purpose.

Intuitive Tarot Readings

About Tarot Readings

Athena's tarot reading offers a unique opportunity for self-reflection, introspection, and exploration of the energies surrounding your life. She can provide valuable insights, validation, and guidance, helping the individual gain a deeper understanding of their current circumstances, make informed decisions, and navigate their path with clarity and confidence. These readings serve as a tool for self-discovery and empowerment. The purpose is to uncover hidden truths, illuminate possibilities, and assist in personal growth and spiritual development.


30 minutes - $100.

60 minutes - $150.

Oracle Card Readings

About Oracle Card Readings

Athena’s oracle card reading is a transformative and empowering experience that offers valuable insights and serves as a tool for personal reflection, growth, and connection with the divine. It is powerful and intuitive practice that involves using multiple decks of oracle cards to gain guidance, inspiration, and insight into various aspects of life. Athena will use her intuition and she will connect with the universal energy and the divine to access messages and symbols that are relevant to the person seeking the reading.


30 minutes - $75.

Soul Journey Readings

About Soul Journey Readings

Athena’s Soul's Journey Reading is a profound and introspective experience that delves into the deeper aspects of one's spiritual path, purpose, and growth. It goes beyond the surface level and explores the soul's evolution and lessons throughout lifetimes. During a Soul's Journey Reading, Athena acts as a bridge between her and the individual's higher self or soul essence to uncover the spiritual themes, patterns, and karmic influences that are at play in the person's life. Through archetypal imagery and symbolism, Athena taps into the collective unconscious and accesses information about the person's soul contracts, life lessons, and soul mission.


60 minutes - $200.

Money Bowl Ritual

About Money Bowls


Athena’s Money Bowl is a sacred tool that supports individuals in aligning their energy and intentions with the frequency of abundance, fostering a positive relationship with money, and inviting greater financial flow into their lives.

Working with a Money Energy Bowl can help individuals shift their mindset around money, release limiting beliefs and blocks, and cultivate a more abundant and prosperous mindset. It serves as a symbolic representation of their intention to attract and manifest financial abundance into their lives. Athena will supply all you will need to create a bowl with her.




Heidi J.

“Athena has a pure heart and is a true professional. Her place is peaceful and calming. Her readings are heart felt and sincere. She really takes time explaining the meaning behind the cards. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in a reading to visit her, you won't be disappointed."
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